On the rare occasion that we are unable to repair your existing window a full replacement may be needed. Sash Windows Kent will manufacture a complete custom built box sash window to match your existing windows in every detail.


Replacement Sash Windows Rich in Period Detail


Complete Custom built box sash windows.

All period joinery undertaken.

New Sashes installed into existing box frames.

Do you dispose of the old window after installation?

Yes, we always dispose of the old window and any glass or rubbish that is created when your replacement sash window is fitted. Your property will be protected with dust sheets and vacuumed if required, after any work that we do. We make sure that your property is as clean as it was when we found it.

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Do the replacement Sash Windows you supply, comply with Building Regulations?

All the sash windows and other windows that we supply are fully compliant with Document L Building Regulations. New sash windows, casement windows or doors that fit into existing frames are not required to comply with regulations as such work does not affect the structure of a building. Listed buildings and conservation area properties may be exempt from regulations.

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