Double glazed units are so advanced now that we are able to make sash windows appear exactly the same as single glazed.


Double Glazed Sash Windows:



Warmer in the Winter.

Cooler in the summer.

Reduce noise.

Reduce condensation.

Can I Replace my Single Glazed Sash Windows with Double Glazed Sash Windows?

Yes you can. It is often possible to change just the sashes from single glazed to double glazed without replacing the box. Alternatively the window can be fully replaced which would then be double glazed to comply with building regulations.

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Does Draught Proofing Sash Windows Cut Down Heat Loss?

Draught proofing which uses the latest materials, in a sympathetic manner, can dramatically cut down on heat loss. We replace baton rods and parting beads with new timbers that have an integrated brush system and fit a midrail with a routered weatherseal to the bottom sash. This enables us to draught proof your sash windows while maintaining their traditional appearance.

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