Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs Kent

Sash Window Repairs are cost effective, have a low environmental impact, and will help save traditional period features within your home. Sash Windows Kent firmly believe in repair if economically viable. We have restored and repaired hundreds of sash windows deemed by other window companies irepairable. Sash window repairs are a vital part of external miantenance that should be carried out frequently to keep your property in good order. Many years of neglect and poor decoration will leave you facing an unwanted joinery repair bill. Fortunately decades of neglect can often be reversed with sympathetic sash window repairs. Coupled with the original windows high quality timber (the likes we simply cannot get anymore) you will often find your windows are in much better structural condition than they would appear.

The case below is a typical example of the type of sash window repairs we carry out every single day. This particular bay window had been neglected for many years by its previous owner and had gastly alluminium frames installed. We manufactured new sashes to match the original style throughout the rest of the street, then set about removing decayed timber and when we finally got back to good, and found ourselves with nothing left of the lower half of this beautiful window! It was unfortunate that the bay window had been allowed to fall into this condition. We then began to splice the window back together again. By the time we had finished you would be hard pressed to notice this window had ever been repaired! Sash window repairs are by no means a ‘quick fix’. We guarantee all work for five years and if maintenance is upheld propertly this time the windows will serve the owner for decades to come.

Bay Window Rebuild


As can be clearly seen the previous owner had installed ugly alluminium windows into the original box sash frame. This infact is very fortunate as we are able to simply remove the alluminium window and manufacture replica sashes to match the exisitng frames. In this case the frame needed entire splicing but often we find frames that are in near original condition which do not require this level of repair.


The bay window has now been spliced back to good timber. It’s vital all decaying wood is removed. This is because any remnants can result in the spread of rot again. The only way to salvage this window was splicing it entirely leaving no timber at the lower third. We treated the window and spliced all timber at mitred angles for accurate repairing.

During Continued

The bay window was then assembled. We can timber down to original profile sizes, matched external front cheek moulds, and replaced the sill sections as it was originally. The repairs were glued and screwed to give a tight long lasting bond. It is crucial repairs are joined properly as poor fit or exposed end grain can result in joints splitting and allowing moisture ingress in the future.


Finally the bay window has been primed and sealed. This stage is equally important to protect the timber. Well decorated and sealed timber will not rot or decay. If no water can penetrate, spore and fungi cannot get to your timber. It’s really that simple – if this window is now well maintained it can last another hundred years! Why not give us a call to see how we can help you!