Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash Window Draught Proofing Kent

We have been installing draught proofing systems to sash windows in Kent for over ten years now. We use high quality materials and believe in upgrading and repairing your original sashes rather than replacing if at all possible. Some common problems with your sash windows are that they will rattle in the wind, be draughty, allow dust ingress, and they may also not work properly. By having a simple comprehensive drught proofing system you will eliminate all of the problems listed above.

Draught proofing not only serves to prevent heat loss, it will also reduce a proportion of the noise allowed to pass through. This is an added benefit, although not as good as double glazing the difference with windows that rattle and are particulary draughty is significantly noticeable. Draught proofing will also help with the operation of your sash windows as the draught seal has less drag than timber.

Our draught proofing system is rebated and hidden within the window meaning that once closed you will not be able to tell that they have been draught proofed. All of the windows pictured on this page have had a draught proofing system incorporated and as you can see do not have any additional materials stuck on the surface, which you see from DIY attempts. This helps maintain the aesthetics whilst offering a significant improvement on thier functionality.

As part of the draught proofing system we carry out the following procedure on all windows we work on:

• Remove and dispose of staff bead.
• Remove lower sash, cords and weights
• Remove and dispose of parting bead
• Remove top sash cords and weights
• Scrape down pulley stiles
• Carry out any specified repairs
• Pack out or shoot in sashes to frame
• Ensure meeting rails are aligned
• Remove all old furniture
• Repair where catches have been,
• Re-hang top sash, balance weights
• Install draught seal into sashes
• Fit new parting bead with seals
• Re-hang lower sash
• Fit new staff bead
• Fit new ironmongery
• Check sashes both functioning