Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double Glazed Sash Windows Kent

We have been Double Glazing Sash Windows for over ten years and always aim to work with your existing windows to keep costs to a minimum. We have vast experience in helping people double glaze sash windows and can work on many levels to improve your sash windows. Double glazed units are so advanced now that we are able to make sash windows appear exactly the same as single glazed. The pictures show double glazed sashes which are impossible to tell apart unless you look closely inside the sash at the white spacer bar.

Firstly if you want to double glaze your sash windows we will look at your original windows. More often than not with the windows in Kent, we can double glaze your existing sashes. This proves extremely good value for money and gives close to the same results as complete replacement for around half the price. If your windows are not suitable for double glazing we will then look to use your existing frame whilst manufacturing two replica sashes to match the original but modified slightly to give durability for a lifetime, ust the same as an original sash window. If this is not possible, in some rare cases we will need to replace your window entirely to enable a nicely draught sealed, double glazed sash window. I would suggest this is rare and account for less than 1% of all windows. We can usually use something to reduce costs while offering the same benefits as a complete replaced window.

We are a family run business serving Kent and London with customer service in mind. We have been double glazing sash windows in this manor for over a decade now and as a result can carry this process out without the need to take windows away from site. This means you maintain maximum security during the process. Sometimes removal of sashes to workshop is required but accounts for a very small proportion of windows that we work on. We have extremely large vans which serve as mobile workshops to keep all debris to a minimum. We invest a large amount of money in the most up to date tools making our installation of double glazed units very neat and tidy. With all the above in mind we work hard with you to make the job as quick, efficient and stress free as possible.