Casement Window Repairs

Casement Window Repairs Kent

We carry out all types of casement window repairs in and around Kent. We can repair any casement window so long as it is economically viable for our customers. We have spent years repairing and replacing sills, casements, and making minor splices to all wooden casement windows in Kent, increasing thier lifespan indefinitely. Below is an example of how bad a casement window can be before we consider full replacement.You may think your casement windows are well beyond economical repair. This simply is not the case. Complete replacement costs are extremely prohibitive. The example below was repaired, overhauled, and draught proof for less than half the price of complete replacement. The sill was replaced. The vertical styles were then spliced and housed into the new sill. New lower casements were manufactured. The window was then sealed externally and primed/undercoated ready for decoration. This repair will now last as long as the homeowner keeps up decoration every 4/5 years. This window had been in place for over a hundred years and now there is no good reason why it cannot last atleast that again. If your fortunate enough to have casement windows in Kent, restoring them is well worth the effort!All of the joinery casement repair techniques we use are the same as those used over one hundred years ago. If you have any queries or questions please feel free to call us and we will be glad to assist you.

Casement Window Rebuild


We began to remove the sill section and to our surprise found the whole lower section of the window had been repaired with filler. They clearly had not removed the decay and rot as this had spread further meaning the whole lower half of this bay window had been compromised. This type of practise is all too common and innevitably costs the owner of the property more in the long run. We set about removing all decay and treating the window sill and surround.


As you can see from the picture we have entirely spliced the whole lower section of the window and began to rebuild this casement window. The vertical timber has been mortice and tenoned back together meaning when finished, this repair will last as long as the customer keeps the window decorated and maintained properly.

We had to splice out all vertical mullion. The sill was entirely replace. The casement windows all needed making as the rot had penetrated the end grain leaving them uneconomical to repair. All repairs are spliced at mitres to keep joining tight. This reduces the likelihood of the joint opening. All repairs are glued and fixed using joinery methods similar to that of a hundred years ago.


As can be seen this window has been fully saved and decorated. Anyone looking at this window will never have known it has been entirely repaired. This type of full restoration is surprisingly cost effective and helps us maintain the original features within the house. The whole purpose of this entire in situ rebuild was so the customer could keep the beautiful lead work which had fortunately not been affected by decay.