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Sash windows Kent carry out draught proofing, sash window repair, full sash window restoration and double glazed sash windows with a five year guarantee on all work.

Sash windows are an important part of most traditional Victorian properties in and around Kent. Sash Windows Kent believe firmly in the restoration and maintenance of your original sash windows over, in most cases unnecessary replacement. A large proportion of sash windows in Kent will have been in place for over a hundred years and if looked after and maintained well, can offer the same duration of service and more again. We can help with draught proofing, noise reduction, heat retention, and general renovation including full redecoration if required.

Most of our work involves full sash window renovation and refurbishment. With full restoration in mind we will offer a comprehensive overhaul and Sash window draught proofing service to almost all customers. We will always repair a sash window if it is economically viable.

As beautiful and functionally good as you sash windows can be they do suffer from the same inherent problems. We can help you upgrade and improve them from some of the common issues listed:

–Draughty through sides and meeting rails.
We eliminate this problem with our rebated, hidden draught proofing system.

–Rattly in the wind or as buses pass.
Again the draught proofing system solves this. By holding the required gaps with the draught seal it stops the annoying banging and rattling.

–Dirty nets and curtains.
Our full draught proofing system will stop any unwanted ingress of dirt. Of course this means dust will build on our system. This is easily wiped down with soapy water, compared with dry cleaning nets and curtains.

–Generally not moving well and/or stuck.
As part of our overhaul we replace sash cords and machine sashes to operate nicely.

We can install thicker glass or double glazed units for peace of mind. We can also install laminate safety glass for peace of mind. New quality Brighton Fasteners and Security locking restrictors are a must as part of tackling security concerns.

–Noisy windows.
Our draught proofing system certainly helps to reduce noise. As well as stopping draught and dust ingress, it will help to prevent noise from penetrating so easily. The next stage is double and triple glazing which we would be glad to discuss with you, should it be necessary.

Kent has many sash windows in need of repair, restoration, refurbishment and draught proofing. One thing that is clear, repair and maintenance will solve the need for entire replacement which is simply not an affordable option.  Repairing your sash windows will always be a cost effective solution compared to replacement. Sash Windows Kent carry out all levels of sash window repair from a simple sash cord replacement through to an entire Bay Window Rebuild.This particular bay required entirely splicing from scratch. As you can see from the pictures you would be hard pressed to tell the window was not in it’s perfect one hundred year old condition.

We are capable of restoring any sash window – it’s just a case of if it’s economically viable. As you can see from the link above the window has to be in terribly poor condition for us to not provide a full renovation service!

General services not mentioned that you may require are:

New glass which has been damaged or cracked, sash window pulley wheels, a simple overhaul (new cords/ropes), replacement sills, new window board/architrave, general timber repairs or even something as simple as re-pointing to the brickwork to stop water penetration. We can safely say there is not a problem that we cannot solve for you. All of our services carry a full five year guarantee so why not call us today for a free survey!

We offer repairs to all major towns in Kent.

You can take a look at the extensive Kent service area list here. We also list the towns for your benefit here as well.

Whitstable, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sandwich, Rochester, Ramsgate, Margate, Gravesend, Herne Bay, Faversham, Dover, Deal, Dartford, Chatham, Canterbury, Broadstairs, Ashford.

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