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Sash Windows Kent carry out draught proofing, sash window repair, full sash window restoration and double glazed sash windows with a five year guarantee on all work.

Sash windows are an important part of most traditional Victorian properties in and around Kent. Sash Windows Kent believe firmly in the restoration and maintenance of your original sash windows over, in most cases unnecessary replacement. A large proportion of sash windows in Kent will have been in place for over a hundred years and if looked after and maintained well, can offer the same duration of service and more again. We can help with draught proofing, noise reduction, heat retention, and general renovation including full redecoration if required.

Most of our work involves full sash window renovation and refurbishment. With full restoration in mind we will offer a comprehensive overhaul and Sash window draught proofing service to almost all customers. We will always repair a sash window if it is economically viable.

As beautiful and functionally good as you sash windows can be they do suffer from the same inherent problems. We can help you upgrade and improve them from some of the common issues listed:

–Draughty through sides and meeting rails. We eliminate this problem with our rebated, hidden draught proofing system.

Rattly in the wind or as buses pass. Again the draught proofing system solves this. By holding the required gaps with the draught seal it stops the annoying banging and rattling.

Dirty nets and curtains. Our full draught proofing system will stop any unwanted ingress of dirt. Of course this means dust will build on our system. This is easily wiped down with soapy water, compared with dry cleaning nets and curtains.

Generally not moving well and/or stuck. As part of our overhaul we replace sash cords and machine sashes to operate nicely.

Security. We can install thicker glass or double glazed units for peace of mind. We can also install laminate safety glass for peace of mind. New quality Brighton Fasteners and Security locking restrictors are a must as part of tackling security concerns.

Noisy windows. Our draught proofing system certainly helps to reduce noise. As well as stopping draught and dust ingress, it will help to prevent noise from penetrating so easily. The next stage is double and triple glazing which we would be glad to discuss with you, should it be necessary.

Kent has many sash windows in need of repair, restoration, refurbishment and draught proofing. One thing that is clear, repair and maintenance will solve the need for entire replacement which is simply not an affordable option.  Repairing your sash windows will always be a cost effective solution compared to replacement. Sash Windows Kent carry out all levels of sash window repair from a simple sash cord replacement through to an entire Bay Window Rebuild.This particular bay required entirely splicing from scratch. As you can see from the pictures you would be hard pressed to tell the window was not in it’s perfect one hundred year old condition.

We are capable of restoring any sash window – it’s just a case of if it’s economically viable. As you can see from the link above the window has to be in terribly poor condition for us to not provide a full renovation service!

General services not mentioned that you may require are:

New glass which has been damaged or cracked, sash window pulley wheels, a simple overhaul (new cords/ropes), replacement sills, new window board/architrave, general timber repairs or even something as simple as re-pointing to the brick work to stop water penetration. We can safely say there is not a problem that we cannot solve for you. All of our services carry a full five year guarantee so why not call us today for a free survey!

Sash Window Repairs Kent

Sash Window Repairs are cost effective, have a low environmental impact, and will help save traditional period features within your home. Sash Windows Kent firmly believe in repair if economically viable. We have restored and repaired hundreds of sash windows deemed by other window companies irepairable. Sash window repairs are a vital part of external miantenance that should be carried out frequently to keep your property in good order. Many years of neglect and poor decoration will leave you facing an unwanted joinery repair bill. Fortunately decades of neglect can often be reversed with sympathetic sash window repairs. Coupled with the original windows high quality timber (the likes we simply cannot get anymore) you will often find your windows are in much better structural condition than they would appear.

The case below is a typical example of the type of sash window repairs we carry out every single day. This particular bay window had been neglected for many years by its previous owner and had gastly alluminium frames installed. We manufactured new sashes to match the original style throughout the rest of the street, then set about removing decayed timber and when we finally got back to good, and found ourselves with nothing left of the lower half of this beautiful window! It was unfortunate that the bay window had been allowed to fall into this condition. We then began to splice the window back together again. By the time we had finished you would be hard pressed to notice this window had ever been repaired! Sash window repairs are by no means a ‘quick fix’. We guarantee all work for five years and if maintenance is upheld propertly this time the windows will serve the owner for decades to come.

Sash Window Draught Proofing

We have been installing draught proofing systems to sash windows in kent for over ten years now. We use high quality materials and believe in upgrading and repairing your original sashes rather than replacing if at all possible. Some common problems with your sash windows are that they will rattle in the wind, be draughty, allow dust ingress, and they may also not work properly. By having a simple comprehensive drught proofing system you will eliminate all of the problems listed above.

Draught proofing not only serves to prevent heat loss, it will also reduce a proportion of the noise allowed to pass through. This is an added benefit, although not as good as double glazing the difference with windows that rattle and are particularly draughty is significantly noticeable. Draught proofing will also help with the operation of your sash windows as the draught seal has less drag than timber.Our draught proofing system is rebated and hidden within the window meaning that once closed you will not be able to tell that they have been draught proofed. All of the windows pictured on this page have had a draught proofing system incorporated and as you can see do not have any additional materials stuck on the surface, which you see from DIY attempts. This helps maintain the aesthetics whilst offering a significant improvement on their functionality.As part of the draught proofing system we carry out the following procedure on all windows we work on:

• Remove and dispose of staff bead.
• Remove lower sash, cords and weights
• Remove and dispose of parting bead
• Remove top sash cords and weights
• Scrape down pulley stiles
• Carry out any specified repairs
• Pack out or shoot in sashes to frame
• Ensure meeting rails are aligned
• Remove all old furniture

• Repair where catches have been,
• Re-hang top sash, balance weights
• Install draught seal into sashes
• Fit new parting bead with seals
• Re-hang lower sash
• Fit new staff bead
• Fit new ironmongery
• Check sashes both functioning
• Repair where catches have been

Casement Window Repairs

We carry out all types of casement window repairs in and around Kent. We can repair any casement window so long as it is economically viable for our customers. We have spent years repairing and replacing sills, casements, and making minor splices to all wooden casement windows in Kent, increasing their lifespan indefinitely. Below is an example of how bad a casement window can be before we consider full replacement.You may think your casement windows are well beyond economical repair. This simply is not the case. Complete replacement costs are extremely prohibitive. The example below was repaired, overhauled, and draught proof for less than half the price of complete replacement. The sill was replaced. The vertical styles were then spliced and housed into the new sill. New lower casements were manufactured. The window was then sealed externally and primed/undercoated ready for decoration. This repair will now last as long as the homeowner keeps up decoration every 4/5 years. This window had been in place for over a hundred years and now there is no good reason why it cannot last at least that again. If your fortunate enough to have casement windows in Kent, restoring them is well worth the effort!All of the joinery casement repair techniques we use are the same as those used over one hundred years ago. If you have any queries or questions please feel free to call us and we will be glad to assist you.


We began to remove the sill section and to our surprise found the whole lower section of the window had been repaired with filler. They clearly had not removed the decay and rot as this had spread further meaning the whole lower half of this bay window had been compromised. This type of practise is all too common and inevitably costs the owner of the property more in the long run. We set about removing all decay and treating the window sill and surround.

As you can see from the picture we have entirely spliced the whole lower section of the window and began to rebuild this casement window. The vertical timber has been mortice and tenoned back together meaning when finished, this repair will last as long as the customer keeps the window decorated and maintained properly.

We had to splice out all vertical mullion. The sill was entirely replace. The casement windows all needed making as the rot had penetrated the end grain leaving them uneconomical to repair. All repairs are spliced at mitres to keep joining tight. This reduces the likelihood of the joint opening. All repairs are glued and fixed using joinery methods similar to that of a hundred years ago.

As can be seen this window has been fully saved and decorated. Anyone looking at this window will never have known it has been entirely repaired. This type of full restoration is surprisingly cost effective and helps us maintain the original features within the house. The whole purpose of this entire in situ rebuild was so the customer could keep the beautiful lead work which had fortunately not been affected by decay.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

We have been Double Glazing Sash Windows for over ten years and always aim to work with your existing windows to keep costs to a minimum. We have vast experience in helping people double glaze sash windows and can work on many levels to improve your sash windows. Double glazed units are so advanced now that we are able to make sash windows appear exactly the same as single glazed. The pictures show double glazed sashes which are impossible to tell apart unless you look closely inside the sash at the white spacer bar.

Firstly if you want to double glaze your sash windows we will look at your original windows. More often than not with the windows in Kent, we can double glaze your existing sashes. This proves extremely good value for money and gives close to the same results as complete replacement for around half the price. If your windows are not suitable for double glazing we will then look to use your existing frame whilst manufacturing two replica sashes to match the original but modified slightly to give durability for a lifetime, almost the same as an original sash window. If this is not possible, in some rare cases we will need to replace your window entirely to enable a nicely draught sealed, double glazed sash window. I would suggest this is rare and account for less than 1% of all windows. We can usually use something to reduce costs while offering the same benefits as a complete replaced window.

We are a family run business serving Kent and London with customer service in mind. We have been double glazing sash windows in this manor for over a decade now and as a result can carry this process out without the need to take windows away from site. This means you maintain maximum security during the process. Sometimes removal of sashes to workshop is required but accounts for a very small proportion of windows that we work on. We have extremely large vans which serve as mobile workshops to keep all debris to a minimum. We invest a large amount of money in the most up to date tools making our installation of double glazed units very neat and tidy. With all the above in mind we work hard with you to make the job as quick, efficient and stress free as possible.

At Sash Windows Kent we try to ensure that we keep your original sash windows where possible. If you do require a replace sash or a completely new window then we will replace with an exact replica of your old windows, this way you can keep their original appearance.

We believe that box sash windows play a big part in English heritage, box sash windows have existed for more than three hundred years. Many old houses still retain their original sash windows. We believe that it is imperative to retain these windows to help retain our English heritage.

Many companies you may contact will want to completely replace your sash windows with more modern windows like uPVC and aluminium. These are often extremely expensive these types of windows often won’t suit your home. At Sash Windows Kent we believe that we need to keep sash windows as they are part of our heritage.

We hope to help our customers keep these original sash windows. We use the highiest quality and specialist sash window materials. We make our sash windows the same way they were made over a century ago. Our trained carpenters are some of the best in the country and are passionate about keeping traditional sash windows. By applying a simply draught proofing system you can eliminate draught, rattling and increase the thermal efficiency. This makes sash windows a better alternative than uPVC or aluminium.

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